söndag 7 augusti 2011

Ransäter International Dogshow - day 2 - 30/7-2011

BOB Puppy - East Meadows Starboy "Matisse"

Judge: Luis Pinto Teixiera, Portugal

BOS - C.I.E SE V-09 SE V-10 NO V-10 Pålamalmens Zidane
2nd best bitch with R-CACIB - Silvergruvans Lady Ricci (daughter to Zidane)

Judge: Ann Carlström, Sweden

I think I have showed you all many photos of Zidane so here is a photo of his daughter Ricci, handler Malin Persson from the friday show at Ransäter.

Thank you Malin Persson who helping me out with all the dogs.

photo copyright Sanna Matsson and Lena Fosselius-Peterson

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